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Ben's Cafe is a social enterprise supporting young people with a disability.

Ben's Café, previously known as Ben Roberts Café, was established to:

1)      Provide the opportunity for a range of employment and skill development opportunities (e.g. Cook + Connect @Work) for young people with disabilities to enhance their hospitality skills, to earn an income and to connect with each other and the local community
2)      To provide a meeting point for the local Blue Mountains community, offering a venue where delicious food and beverages are provided, with good nutrition at a reasonable price whilst giving the opportunity for the local community to interact with and support young people with disabilities in furthering their goals and aspirations

Participants of the Cook + Connect Program are given the opportunity to further their skills in the hospitality industry by working in the cafe.

We are located at 10 Benang St Lawson.

To make a booking call us on 0434 314 254 or for more information visit the website:

Ben Roberts Cafe - The Big Fix article.j

"Tucked away in a Lawson cafe, a small team of dedicated chefs and support workers are making some big differences in the lives of young people with a disability."

Read more of our feature article in The Big Fix magazine

Ben Roberts Café Opening (2018). (From left) Romola Hollywood, Karen Frawley (Blue Mountains Food Services), Susan Templeman, Helen Haigh (Blue Mountains Food Services), Josh Elston (Cook + Connect), Annalise’s Haigh (Cafe), Trish Doyle, Fran O’Leary (Blue Mountains Food Services)

Blue Mountains Gazette Article Here

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