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Blue Mountains Food Services provides a range of services to engage with our community. Whether it's nutritious meals delivered to your home, a meal and a friendly chat at one of our many community restaurants, assistance with daily activities from one of our staff or volunteers, or our NDIS cooking programs we're all about helping you to remain independent and socially connected in your community.

Our services include:

Meals on Wheels

meals on wheels


​The Meals on Wheels service is much more than just a meal. It is about entering a friendly and caring community filled with dedicated staff and volunteers, and clients who share a like-minded interest in maintaining an independent and healthy lifestyle.

frozen meal delivery 

Nutritious frozen meals are delivered weekly to your door by one of our friendly volunteers. We offer over 80 different meals plus snacks, desserts and drinks as well as fresh food options from the Ben's Cafe in Lawson. We are confident you will find something to your taste.

Delivery days are from Tuesday to Friday, depending on your area. Collection from our office in Lawson is Monday to Friday.


Call us on 02 4759 2811 for more information.

happy older couple dancing Blue Mountains Food Services
more than just a meal Blue Mountains Food Services

Am I eligible? 

Our Meals on Wheels service is supported by the Australian Government and is available at subsidised rates to My Aged Care approved people over the age of 65, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people over the age of 50, or people on an NDIS plan.

We also offer our Meals on Wheels service to people of all ages at competitive rates.


Call us on 02 4759 2811 for more information.


community restaurants 


We have five community restaurants spread across the Blue Mountains, from Blaxland to Blackheath. Enjoy freshly prepared meals cooked in our commercial kitchen in a friendly and social setting.


We are currently providing a two course meal from $10-00.

Transport can be arranged via Active Care Network (previously GREAT Community Transport)

on 4722 3083.

You are welcome to join us at:


Blaxland Tuesday 11:30 am

Sharon Burridge Hall, Lower Mountains Community Centre, Hope Street, Blaxland. 

Springwood Tuesday & Thursday 11:30 am

The Hub, Macquarie Road, Springwood.

Lawson Wednesday 11:30 am

Grace Tooth Dining Room, Mid-Mountains Community Centre, New Street, Lawson. 

Katoomba Friday (temporarily suspended due to planned

         Council building work).

Blackheath Wednesday 11:30 am    

Community Centre, Bates Hall, GWH Blackheath



Call us on 02 4759 2811 to book your place and for more information.

Community Restaurants

Community Restaurants

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social support 


The Social Support Program is about creating connections between our friendly volunteers and people who require support in the community.


Whether it's having a conversation over lunch, going to the library, or getting help with some shopping, our volunteers are here to support you in whatever way you need. 

Our social support service is supported by the Australian Government, and is available  to My Aged Care approved people over the age of 65 and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Call us on 02 4759 2811 for more information.

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Personal Care
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